Yesterday I discussed how the Jump blog is the source of Information, and how I use analytics to determine content that works on that platform.

The Distribution Channels

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MailChimp email campaigns act as the content distribution channels for Jump.

I selectively choose content for Facebook and LinkedIn based on my experience with what the audience on each channel reacts better to. Twitter I use as a catch all. I share content multiple times throughout the day, and usually change the times and/or number of posts up every month or two. I track the before and after numbers to A/B test and see which month performed better.

I schedule Twitter and LinkedIn through Hootsuite (which, I am newly Hootsuite certified!). I prefer using Facebook’s native scheduling functionality, as it provides me with more functionality (such as tagging) not available through Hootsuite.

Jump Social Platforms Reach by Channel

With MailChimp, I have different types of lists. There is a once a month newsletter that is selective with content, an “as it is posted” blog subscription list (similar to what I’ve set up on this website using Zapier and an RSS email campaign). There is also events notifications and other similar email lists.

There are plans to expand our presence on LinkedIn in 2016, and we are still working on building our email list. We used to have a Google+, but it was an experiment that did not perform well over a long period of time, and I ultimately decided to drop using it.

The Visual Channels

YouTube and Instagram are the visual channels for Jump. The majority of the videos on YouTube have been developed by another team at Jump who focuses heavily on producing videos.

The Strategic Relations team will be developing more promotional videos for the channel in the future, such as a recent one promoting an event that I put together (with great feedback from my co-workers!).

The Instagram account is relatively new, and admittedly is not a platform I am fully familiar with as Facebook and Twitter, since I have never had an Instagram account before. While we’ve made great progress on determining the types of content that will be on there, I am still working out how to increase the number of followers.

I have some reading and research to do when things aren’t as busy, but in the meantime I will continue to try to figure out how best to utilize the platform.

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Also, let me know if you have any suggestions for how to organically improve follower counts on Instagram!

Jump Social Platforms – Part 2
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