MTG 391, my Social Media class, is now over (excluding the final this Friday). It is the reason I started this blog. But I may, on occasion, continue it, like this post tonight, which is no longer part of my grade.

The reason I will continue is because that I know I get develop my thoughts best when I can type them out. Unfortunately, my best time to think is when I am trying to fall asleep. Hence why I am up writing this to get it out of my head so that I can sleep and study for my final tomorrow.

Onto the real blog content: Content Strategy

I mentioned in my previous blog that I needed to revamp the Twitter strategy for Jump Simulation. I spent a day doing research, and I spent another day deciding on strategies and processes.

For content, I decided on a 5-3-2 strategy. This means I’m doing a ratio of roughly 5 pieces of “curated” content per 3 pieces of “owned” content and two pieces of “personal” content.

Curated content would be articles from a variety of sources that is loosely linked to Jump. Owned content is a piece of content that was created or directly related to your brand. Finally, personal content, in the way that I interpreted it, is something extra that isn’t meaty, but something simple that represents your brand.

Some examples that I saw were of political cartoons and inspirational quotes. I would not feel comfortable posting political cartoons for Jump, so I am (at least for now) focusing a bit more on the quotes.

Quotes line the halls of Jump, and that is one source. Another source that I thought about today would be quotes from our staff. About a year ago I made a PSD template that I can stick in quotes for social media, a photo of the person who said it, and a blurred background/setting. I only did a few, but quit making them for some reason.

I may also use that space for “throwback” pictures and Instagram photos/graphics. I’ll likely develop this part of the content strategy the most over time.

Volume and Timing Strategy

I was looking at several blogs trying to figure out the best number of tweets to post in a day. Previously I was doing between 4 and 6 on a regular basis. I saw some sources say that numbers started to decline slightly after 3, but others say that there is a significant decline after 30.

From experience, I know that 3 a day would not cut it. In regards of the 4-6 a day, I made a decision that I need a completely different strategy, to go all in, rather than changing one thing at a time over a period of months. So, that narrowed it down to… somewhere between 7 and 30.

I read on Buffer that they put out 14 tweets a day. I had little else to go off of, so I decided that 14 was a good enough place to start. That also made the timing easier for me, as I could do one an hour. I decided to start at 7am, and end at 8pm.

I ruled out testing for international time zones by posting late at night. Twitter Analytics told me that the number of foreign followers just wasn’t there, and it is not currently worth me putting the time into posting at night for minimal return.

Dividing Up Content

To make it more realistic, instead of finding 5+ individual pieces of curated content, for each and every day, I decided to only do two pieces of curated content for the set of 5, making three tweets about one of the curated content, and two of the other.

I also decided that I would only do one piece of owned, and one piece of personal content each day, just tweet about them multiple times.

The 5-3-2 ratio gave me a nice round 10 posts, leaving me with an extra 4 each day. I decided to have last 4 tweets of the night be divided into 1 owned, 1 personal, and 2 new pieces of curated content not shared previously during the day (but the owned and personal would remain the same as previously shared during the same day).

The first four of the next morning would share the same pieces of curated content as the 2 new ones from the previous night. New personal and owned content would be used for the entire day as well. Then the remaining 10 would follow the 5-3-2 ratio, with new pieces of curated content.

Confused yet?


With such an increase in the number of posts per day, and the addition of large amounts of curated content that I’d need to find each day (an average of 3 different curated per day), I was/am looking at a large increase in the amount of time needed to create and schedule posts.

In a future blog I will discuss more about the processes that I’m using, or tried using. I will also pull some numbers to determine how effective this new strategy has been (early observations of engagements look promising!).

Twitter Strategy
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