Last week I talked about the different platforms that Jump is currently on, and how I use them. This week I will discuss how I create content for them.

I write social media posts for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn on a weekly basis usually. There is a lot that happens at Jump, and I never know what new content opportunities there may be in a month. Part of this is because our blog is released weekly, and I won’t have the link until or right before it is published.

Stuff comes up unexpectedly every week, and if I were to plan out social media for a month, that limits my calendar for new visual content (Instagram, YouTube) or new information available on our website, as a couple examples.

I have scheduled out a month’s worth before, but things changed so much that I ended up rescheduling a lot of things to make sure that I have related content around anything new that had popped up.

For example, if there is some new information or event we’re doing with a strategic partner, I put more focus on sharing content around related articles with stuff we’ve done previously with them.

Speeding Up Scheduling

I use a spreadsheet to write out each week’s posts (kudos to @RocknRollKate for sharing her template which I adapted).

scheduling spreadsheet

Scheduling social media is a very time intensive process. In previous school semesters, it went on the back-burners because of this. My solution was to pre-define what types of content would be posted on which days.

Prior I would pick random content for each day. Now I know immediately know what to look for instead of glancing around at five different types of content trying to get a feel for what could go in that spot. I still change things up as needed if there is new content that takes a bigger priority.

For Twitter, I typically only choose two pieces of content to share each day, but mix up the post content. For an easy post, I usually re-share the first post of the day in the evening but with an added “From this morning:”. It’s actually quite effective – sometimes those posts do better than the original.

All scheduling is then done through Hootsuite.

Shifting Things Up

Every month I change things up. I usually try to pick one variable each month. Sometimes it’s the number of posts, sometimes it’s the timing of the posts, sometimes it’s the content.

At the end of the month, I then compare that month’s average impressions and engagements to the previous to determine if it was a good change or not.

If it was a positive change, I’ll switch something else up. If it was a negative change, then I revert that month’s change and switch something else up.


As I believe I’ve said, I’m still working on content strategies for Instagram. One idea that I’m currently trying is with the following types of posts for each day of the week.

  • #MondayMotivation (share one of the many quotes around Jump)
  • #TuesdayTraining (share a photo of an education scene from Jump)
  • #WhiteboardWednesday (share a photo of a whiteboard content from Jump.. we have some doodlers!)
  • #TransformationThursday (weekly series following the construction of upper floor buildouts)
  • #FlashbackFriday (photo from old event or Jump during construction)

(Note: I do not post one of these every week, except for Thursday’s. Some weeks I’ll do one, some weeks I’ll do another).

These are on top of the spontaneous photos that I take throughout the week.

Writing and Scheduling Social Media
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